In the Media

It’s no secret our custom camshafts are DOMINANT performers at the track, on the street, in the dirt and even against the top-builders on the planet in the Jegs Engine Masters Competition.

Check out what some national publications are saying about Cam Research. Click on the image to the left to open the entire article.


June11Modified Mustangs & Fords (June 2011). The Large and In Charge article features a pre-broken-in Cam Research cam in a 460 build. “It was high fives all around after seeing the 460 thump out more than 600 hp with the stock cast iron heads – I guess those MPG and Cam Research Corp boys know a thing or two about Ford performance after all!” Read the entire article (pdf).

mod_mustang_01Modified Mustangs & Fords (Nov. 2010). Cam Research out-duels Comp Cams on a Boss 302 application. “Though slightly smaller in specs, the Cam Research Corp. cam offered both more average and peak power numbers than the larger Comp cam.” Read the entire article (pdf).

Hot_rod_01Popular Hot Rodding (April 2011). Popular Hot Rodding interviews Cam Research and MPG Heads founder, Scott Main, along with other titans of engine building in a feature titled, ‘Blowin’ the Build.’ Read the entire article (pdf).

Hot_rod_03Popular Hot Rodding (Feb. 2009). Featuring a Cam Research camshaft, the 400 small block of Scott Main (MPG Heads / Cam Research) is featured among the best at the Jegs Engine Masters Competition. Read the entire article (pdf).

June07_AModified Mustangs & Fords (June 2007). Article titled ‘High School Sweetheart,’ featuring Scott Main’s 1969 Mach 1. Read the¬†article online.

July06Modified Mustangs & Fords (July 2006). ‘Building a High Performance Boss Mustang 409 Engine – Big Boss Buildup.’ The article takes a close look at MPG / Cam Research’s Cleveland head small block stroker that was used at the 2006 Jegs Engine Masters Competition. Read the article online.