Adjustable Cam Drive
Adjustable Cam Drivecam_timing_02Cam Research Adjustable Cam Drive

Adjustable Cam Drive

429/460 and 390/428 Big Block Fords

The Cam Research Cam Drive Kit includes:

•True Roller

• Steel Billet Timing Chain & Gear set that is driven by a custom made, 2 piece coupler

• Slotted aluminum hub provides increased reliability

• Allows easy adjustment of cam timing

•Fits under the stock timing cover

•No machine work required

The coupler replaces the stock seal collar. The 2 piece coupler is bolted to a special 7″ slotted aluminum hub. The aluminum hub is machined for 100 degrees of rotation and is factory balanced. You can now advance or retard your camshaft up to 10 degrees by simply loosening the three flange nuts.

The complete unit is bolted to the harmonic balancer (available for factory or any aftermarket) by three, grade 8, drive studs. This Cam Research drive system allows you to fine tune your cam timing in only a few minutes.

If you’ve ever used one of the older gear drives and experienced the resulting horsepower loss, you’re sure to appreciate the fool-proof design of this device. Be sure to specify what type of harmonic balancer is needed when placing your order.

$880.00 (plus shipping)

Call Cam Research at 303-762-0022


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